Ngarai Sianok, Bukittinggi - West Sumatra


Sianok canyon is a steep valley (cliff) that located in the border town of Bukittinggi, in district IV Koto, Agam regency, West Sumatra. The valley is elongated and meandering as the southern boundary of the city to the canyon Koto Gadang Sianok Anam tribe villages, and ended in the district Pal... Read full article

PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel, Pangkalan Bun - Central Borneo


  Borneo Eco Tour based in Pangkalan Bun - Central Kalimantan. Borneo Eco Tour under the legal Company named PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel established in 17 October 2008 by Peltanadanson (Danson). This company is member of ASITA (Asociation of Indonesia Travel Agentcy): 026/XIV/DPP/2009. Its... Read full article

Orangutan Green Tours, Kumai Hulu - Central Borneo


Orangutan Green Tours is one of Borneo tour agent who will help the visitors enjoy a trip to the forest and introduce the Borneo Orangutan to the visitors. OrangutanGreenTours (OGT), specially dedicated travelling to the Orangutan and Unique wildlife, indigenous people,Community and Nature co... Read full article

Borneo Wild Life Tour, Pangkalan Bun - Central Borneo


Borneo Wildlife Tour is an operating company that provide arranged and tailored made tour programs. The website is designed interactively to provide easy and practical informations of designated areas within and also outside of the Island. Thus, as the pinpoint higlights of the site it would hel... Read full article

Borneo Hijau Persada Tour & Travel, Pangkalan Bun - Central Borneo

on is one of the major Borneo Indonesia, Kalimantan local tour operator, specialist handling group as well as private arrangement. will handle you with profesional and best service. The Guide teams are know well the area and has been experiences many years wo... Read full article

Borneo Eco Trekking, Hulu Sungai Selatan - South Borneo


Borneo Eco Trekking is the leading tour operator in Borneo of Indonesia. It is home for highly motivated people of Borneo in adventure and concerning for potential attractions of the nature and culture of the mighty island. However, they are great adventurers with zero accident experience. Th... Read full article

Gamalama Mountain, North Maluku


Gamalama Mountain is located in Ternate, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. Gamalama is one of the volcanoes in North Maluku Province. In addition to this mountain, there's Mount Gamkonora in West Halmahera District, Mount Ibu and Mount Dakona residing in North Halmahera District, and Mount Kiebe... Read full article

Bajuin Waterfall


Bajuin Waterfall Bajuin waterfall is located in the Meratus mountain slopes. Not far from the waterfall, there is marble cave or Goa Marmer, it approximately ± 30 min by walking. This cave is unique because there are many cave wall marble that usually used for home tiles and form the cave li... Read full article

Limboto Lake, Gorontalo


Limboto Lake Limboto is a lake located in Limboto District, Gorontalo, Indonesia. This lake has a depth of between 5 to 8 meters, the tourists that coming to this lake can enjoy various activities such as, fishing, boating competitions, or swimming. In addition, they can also enjoy the fresh gr... Read full article

Sapat Hawung Hill Preserve and Conservation Area


Sapat Hawung hill is located in the District of Uut Murung - Murung Raya regency, part of the headwaters of the Barito River (one of the major rivers on the island of Borneo) The Locals call this hill as "Baring Hawun", which means "high hill that large and elongated" and hawun means "dew". T... Read full article