Bakar Tongkang Festival 2018


In the city of Bagansiapi-api, capital of Rokan Hilir Regency in the Riau province, the fateful decision of the first Chinese migrants to leave their homeland behind and settle in Riau on the island of Sumatra is annually commemorated through the festival called Bakar Tongkang, meaning Burning the (last) Ship on which they sailed in. This year, this unique age-old tradition will again be held on June 28th to 30th, 2018. Celebrated annually on the 16th day of the 5th month according to the Chinese calendar, the tradition that is also known as Go Gek Cap Lak (from the words Go meaning 5th and Cap Lak meaning 16th) is highlighted with the symbolical action of torching a replica of the traditional Chinese ship as the highlight of the festival. The Bakar Tongkang Festival is the largest annual event in the Rokan Hilir Regency. During the festival, rituals and prayers by participants at the main temple precede, followed by cultural processions, a variety of distinct oriental attractions such as the Barongsai (Lion Dance) are held, as well as an entertainment stage set up for performers who hail from Medan, Singkawang (West Kalimantan) as well as from neighboring Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore rendering Hokkien songs. Source:


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Thu Jun 28, 2018
To: Jun 30, 2018

Bagansiapi-api, Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Province

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