Aiming to challenge the inner spirit and the physical stamina, MesaStila Peaks Challenge is a unique event in the heart of Java Island. A technical, tough and at times intimidating trail race with steep hills, jungle  trails and bridge crossings. Escape for a day onto unused trails, some overgrown by jungle, small village streets, along rice paddies and over up to five magical mountains. Participants have a choice of five distances:  

MesaStila 5 Peaks Challenge (100km)

MesaStila 4 Peaks Challenge (65km)

MesaStila Marathon (42km)

MesaStila Half Marathon (21km)

MesaStila Run (13km)

The 5 Peaks on the 100 km course are:

Mount Andong (1726m) 

Mount Merbabu (3145m)

Mount Merapi (2930m)

Mount Telomoyo (1894m)

Mount Gilipetung (1400m)

The MesaStila 4 Peaks Challenge crosses Andong, Merbabu, Telomoyo and Gilipetung. The MesaStila Marathon does Andong, Telomoyo and Gilipetung. Finishers on these 3 race distances score points for the Asia Trail Master ranking. Those who succeed to complete the 100km also score 1 point for their Grandmaster Quest. 

The MesaStila Peaks Challenge is also Indonesia's SuperTrail. This means there are 50 bonus points for all finishers on the 100km and 65km race distances. 



Sat Oct 7, 2017
To: Oct 7, 2017

Five mountains in Central Java Mt. Andong , Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Merapi, Mt. Telomoyo and Mt. Gilipetung

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