Ramayana Ballet (Open Air Theatre)


The Ramayana Ballet is a dramatic performance tells the story of RAMAYANA, the classic Hindu tale of honour, magic, and courage. Performed on various dates over a six-month period, the Ramayana Ballet involves hundreds of dancers and is performed in a wonderful outdoor setting within the countrys famous Prambanan Temple complex. Built in the ninth century, the temple is the largest complex of its kind in Java and famed throughout the whole of Indonesia for its spectacular beauty.

The traditional Ramayana epic with traditional Javanese dance is the centuries-old dance of the Javanese court. Since the 1960s, it has been performed every full moon night in the Prambanan Temple. Since then, Prambanan has become one of the major archaeological and cultural tourism attractions in Indonesia.

Prambanan Temple located in Bokoharjo village, Prambanan district of Sleman regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. 



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Prambanan Temple complex

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