Amata Borobudur Resort


Get inspired by nature, blended with the uniqueness of Javanese traditional architecture in the center of the heritage. Discover other experience behind the Borobudur area and explore the richness of Javanese culture only in Amata Borobudur Resort. Guests can do activities to enjoy around the Amata Borobudur Resort, such as beautiful paddy fields and small rivers provide the backdrop for a variety of activities, from peaceful meditation to thrilling rafting trips. Amata Borobudur Resort offers traditional spa as its newest facility. Well-trained and experienced therapists, adopting Javanese traditional technique without compromising the cleanliness of the service, practiced all spa treatments professionally. Beside the 2.5 hours spa session, you will be able to enjoy range of other treatments such as massage, manicure and pedicure. All treatments can be performed in both indoor and outdoor by utilizing the tents and small Joglos that are available around swimming pool. All Amata Borobudur Resort guests are welcome to relax and ease their mind through meditation. Meditation sessions run twice a day at 5.30 am and 7.00 pm in Viharra Mendut, within Mendut temple area, which is in fact only 200 meters from Amata Borobudur Resort. Each meditation session is lasted for 1 hour, however you are able to leave before 1 hour.


Jl. Mendut - Sendangsono, Progowati, Mungkid
Magelang, Central Java 56512

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