Kresna Gallery Hotel Wonosobo


Kresna Hotel Wonosobo is a four star hotel is a reincarnation of the Grand Hotel Dieng, that was established in 1917. Grand Hotel Dieng formerly run by a family from Netherland and as a stopover for Europeans especially dutch who will visit dieng plateu. in the dieng plateu besides its natural beauty can also be encountered any Hindu temples from the 7th century. Until now almost a ceiling of the restaurant is still some bullet holes war time because this hotel was once the headquater of the Dutch army. At centrain times at at the lobby area we could hear the gamelan music from th 18 th Century " Kyai Mega Mendung ". It is said that formerly played gamelan is to call rain. In the corner of the pool is still standing a strong tower that use to serve as a tower or hot water furnance. Kresna Hotel Wonosobo also has an antique bed room from 1879 and if we walk along the corridors of the hotel, we can enjoy hundreds of beautifull paintings of the famous painters in this country. Kresna Hotel Wonosobo is designed with a fine touch of the colonial and traditional Javanese style. A unique feature of the hotel is its gallery exhibiting collection with painting from contemporary Indonesian artist. Upon arrival, variety of facilities welcome the guests. The 115 comfortable guest rooms and suites are tastefully appointed with stylish furnishings and modern amenities. The Maespati Restaurant with the adjacent Wirata Tea Room, Present both a culinary heritage as well as international dishes. Facilities and services include swimming pool, business center, a variety of meeting and banquet rooms. Kresna Hotel Wonosobo is the first international standard hotel in the heart of Central Java and can easily be reached from the province's major cities (Semarang, Yogyakarta, and Solo), each of which have access to domestic flight connections.



Jl. Pasukan Ronggolawe No.30
Wonosobo, Central Java 56311

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