Maqna Hotel by Prasanthi


Maqna hotel, a new hotel with 176 rooms is the largest hotel in Gorontalo. Its location is very strategic in the central business district will facilitate your activities while in Gorontalo. 7-storey high hotel stands one area to the largest shopping center in Gorontalo, with modern architectural design combined with local cultural wisdom, Maqna Hotel provides the warmth and special experience to you. Maqna Hotel is the right choice for business people and tourists while in Gorontalo. Gorontalo is an old town in North Sulawesi, its strategic location overlooking to the bay and ocean Tomini Sulawesi is a paradise for tourists. This city holds a million tourist attractions from beaches, islands, seas and mountains among these Bitila Island, Beach Bumbulan, Bajo Village, Lake Limboto, Nyiur Indah Coast, etc. Marine Parklands Olele and the Gulf of Tomini, two famous diving spots of Gorontalo, slowly become new competitors the prestigeous of Bunaken and Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi. With a depth up to 4,000 meters, the Gulf of Tomini offers marine biota-endemic large mammals such as whales and dolphins, as well as 15 points of diving that can be achieved only in a short time from the center of Gorontalo.


Jl. Sultan Botutihe No. 88
Gorontalo, Gorontalo 90114

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